If you are a Veteran, please register. This map is a useful tool for us to connect with one another.
Please read the instructions
The following fields are required: (Name, City or State, email, password, challenge question and answer, and at least one duty station.)
The rest are just for fun.
Don't worry about having your email visible. I keep that confidential. If someone wants to contact you, he/she will have to submit a form to this website. You will then get an email from me ( containing that person's message. They, nor nobody else will ever get your email address.
You have an opportunity to select or add up to 8 duty stations. You will appear on each of those maps.
Please look through the drop down to see if your duty station / ship is already active.
If yes: Select it.
If no: type it in
Password is for if you ever need to make changes to your Registration
The challenge question and answer are in case you ever lose your email address and forget your password and need to have some way to log on.
Write in a challenge question that only you know the answer of (e.g. What was your favorite pet's name?)
And then write the answer. If you ever lose your email, I will challenge you with your question and if you get the correct answer, I will let you log on and change your email address.
Questions? contact me at
Note: if you are having problems figuring out how to select multiple duty stations/ships...
  1. For windows: Hold down the control (ctrl) button to select multiple options
  2. For Mac: Hold down the command button to select multiple options
to help you fill out the fields.
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Click(Tap) This before selecting your duty stations!
You have 8 ships/units you can include. For each one, I will put you on that map. (so you will appear on up to 8 maps)
Try to select your ship/duty station from the drop down list. If there is nothing in the list, make sure that you selected the branch of service just above.
You can click up tp 8 ships/units.
If your ship/unit(s) is not listed then add it (them) to the input fields below.
If entering a Ship Please put Hull # first i.e. CVN69 - USS D D Eisenhower)
Only add ships/units that you had an attachment to. Don't include that 1 month 'Maintenance' school you attended, OK? It's doubtful you would want to connect with any of the other students who attended...
But if you were on a ship for 4 years then you should add that. Those are the guys/gals with whom you would really like to connect with, right?
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