Just by coincidence, I’ve bumped into people who served on my ship (USS D D Eisenhower), it’s always a fun experience – But there are probably others living near by and I just don’t realize it!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a map that we Vets could go to in order to connect with fellow Vets from our same unit/ship who are living near by?

That’s what this is all about. Visit the Map page and see if there are any Vets from your Unit/Ship/Squadron/etc. And be sure to register and put yourself on the maps for all of your duty stations so that others may find you.

When you Register, I’ll ask for your email address. That is so near by Vets can contact you. But don’t worry about your email address being compromised. I keep it confidential. If someone wants to contact you, they will have to do it through this website and I will then forward on their message to your email address.

OK – Let’s get down to business… Click ‘MAPS‘ in the menu bar